How to Mount a Panasonic 50" Plasma to a TV Stand

Updated February 21, 2017

Panasonic plasma televisions come in many different sizes, including 50 in. models. The flat screen televisions are packaged with a stand that you can mount the television on. The other option for the television is to hang it up on the wall. The supplied TV stand takes only a few minutes to attach. You can remove the stand from the 50 in. Panasonic plasma television if you decide later that you want to hang the television on the wall.

Lay out all of the parts on the table to determine the type of stand supplied with your Panasonic 50" plasma television. You'll find the stand base, four silver screws, four black screws and either a single bracket or two bracket poles.

Attach the single bracket or the two poles, depending on the stand supplied with your television, to the open slot or slots on the base with silver screws. The single bracket fits in the slot in the middle of the base and all four screws attach the bracket to the base. The two poles fit into the slots on the left and right slots on the base. Two of the silver screws are used to attach each pole to the base.

Line up the stand holes on the bottom of the television over the single bracket or the two poles and slide the television onto the stand.

Screw the four black screws into the screw holes on the back of the television to attach the stand to the television. The screw holes are located in the same area as where the bracket or poles entered the television. When the screws are inserted they secure the bracket or poles to the television.


Do not attach the television stand unless you have at least one other person to help out. The television is heavy and you may suffer an injury or damage the television if you attempt to lift it yourself.

Things You'll Need

  • Phillips screwdriver
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