How to Make a Deer Birthday Cake

Updated November 21, 2016

A deer birthday cake is a perfect option when you are making a cake for someone who enjoys hunting deer or simply likes animals. You could also make a deer-shaped cake at Christmas time so that it looks like one of Santa's reindeer. Creating a cake shaped like a deer might seem difficult, but if you take it step-by-step, it is something that even beginner cake bakers can achieve. This deer cake will look like a deer head in profile.

Place your 11- by 14-inch cake on a clean, flat surface. Use a serrated knife to carve the cake so that it looks like a deer head and torso. If doing this seems difficult for you, simply carve the cake so that it looks like a Christmas stocking or a gym sock. The foot side of the stocking will be the deer's face while the long side will be his upper body.

Frost the cake using brown frosting. (Dark chocolate frosting will work fine.)

Take a couple of chewy chocolate candies and mould them together so they are triangular in shape. Place the moulded piece on the upper side of the deer's head as the deer's ear (since this cake is a profile, you will only need one ear).

Place one round chocolate candy onto the deer head for the deer's eye (only one because it is a profile). Add another candy piece at the rounded edge of the cake as the deer's nose.

Place two long, thick pretzel sticks at the top of the cake for the deer's antlers. Place them side-by-side but slanting away from each other. Break two pretzel sticks in half and place one half on either side of the long pretzel sticks.

Things You'll Need

  • 11- by 14-inch sheet cake
  • Serrated knife
  • Brown frosting
  • Chewy chocolate candies
  • Round chocolate candies
  • Long, thick pretzel sticks
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