How to Reset a SkyCaddie SG2

Updated March 23, 2017

The SkyCaddie SG2 is a hand-held GPS system designed for navigating golf courses. The SG2 has two system reset functions. The factory reset restores the SG2's default settings. This function is common if you've adjusted your settings to an undesirable level and want to restore them. The other reset function resets the GPS. Resetting the GPS is helpful if you are having a problem acquiring a GPS signal.

Push the "Menu" button on the bottom-left corner of the control panel.

Push the "Down" arrow repeatedly until you arrive at "Preferences." Push the "Select" button.

Scroll down to "Defaults" and push "Select."

Push "Select" to reset the SG2 to its default state.

Push the "Menu" button then scroll down until "Advanced Menu" is highlighted.

Push "Select." Scroll down to "GPS." Push "Select."

Scroll to "GPS Reset." Push "Select" again to reset the GPS unit.

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