How to Draw Anime Maid Outfits

Updated February 21, 2017

The maid costume is a popular trope in many anime series and manga novels. Characters often find themselves in situations in which they must dress in costume or provide cleaning services and don a cute maid outfit. Outfits vary in how revealing or modest they are, but all the outfits include the same basic shape and parts. For help drawing an outfit, consult previous examples of anime maids. Try copying the sample drawings before attempting a unique character,

Draw the shape of the female character's head. In most cases, the head looks like a circle with a slight point at the bottom for a chin. Draw eyes in the middle of the face. The eyes should be longer than they are wide and should be large compared to human eyes. Draw a small "U" for the mouth. The mouth should be halfway between the eyes and chin.

Add the outline of the body to the head. Start by drawing the neck about 1/4 the size of the head. Add a torso and legs, with the torso moving inward at the waist. Typically, the torso is about two head lengths, the hips are about one head lengths and the legs make up another two to three head lengths, depending on the character's height.

Draw the puffy shoulders of the maid costumes. These shoulders are round and should cover the shoulders of your character.

Add a skirt to the maid costume. Most anime maid costumes use a very short skirt that falls just below the character's buttocks. Draw the outline of the skirt; it should flare slightly. Add lace to the bottom of the skirt by drawing a wavy line parallel to the end of the skirt.

Draw the apron of the maid costume. Start by drawing a two parallel lines next to each puffy shoulder. Draw a curved, perpendicular line to connect these straps at the top of the character's breasts. Return to the lines of the strap and draw the lines down the dress. Flare the apron at the waist and end it just above the edge of the maid outfit.

Add shoes to the character. Many anime maids wear Mary Jane shoes. These shoes are flat and have a strap where the foot meets the left. Add socks, if desired. Socks can reach the knees, ankles or just below the skirt. You may wish to add ruffles to the socks.

Draw the sleeves. The outfit can be sleeveless, have short sleeves or have long sleeves. At the ends of the sleeves, add ruffles by drawing a wavy line parallel to the ends.

Give your character an anime hair style. You may draw hair that hits the shoulders, waist long hair that goes in every direction, a ponytail or large pigtails.

Add natural folds to the outfit by drawing a light line in the skirt area. The lines should be vertical. Add any other desire details, such as bows in the hair or bracelets.


Draw using pens or pencils. If desired, add colour to the final drawing.

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