DIY: Enlarge a Wedding Band

Don't rush to a jeweller just because your wedding band has changed size over the years, or doesn't fit you anymore. In some cases you can resize it at home with a jewellery mandrel, or ring stretcher. You'll have to do it slowly and carefully to make sure the newly sized band fits you just right. If your wedding band has intricate designs, multiple stones, or is an antique, have it resized or reset professionally.

Determine your ring size by slipping ring sizer loops on your finger and testing them for comfort. The ideal size will be comfortable, not tight. The ring should not slide around easily on your finger.

Slide the ring onto the long thin rod, or mandrel, of the ring stretcher.

Pull the handle gently to expand the mandrel and enlarge your ring. Do it slowly so the ring is stretched evenly all the way around. As you enlarge the ring, slide it up the mandrel to check the size.

Continue to stretch the ring until it reaches the desired size, rotating the ring frequently in order to stretch it evenly.


Plain gold bands can be enlarged most successfully at home because gold is a malleable metal. Other types of metal, and rings with ornate carvings or engravings, should be examined by a professional jeweller to determine whether they can be stretched.


Wedding bands made of tungsten and tungsten-carbide alloys are particularly difficult to resize. If your wedding band is made of these materials, consider purchasing a new ring. Do not attempt to enlarge your wedding band if the band has worn too thin. If you attempt to resize a band with no room left to stretch, you may damage it irreparably.

Things You'll Need

  • Wedding band
  • Jewellery mandrel or ring stretcher
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