How to handle a flirty boyfriend

Updated April 17, 2017

Sometimes boyfriends have an extremely friendly and outgoing personality that can even border on the side of being hurtfully flirtatious. This may be hard for many girlfriends to deal with because they do not feel comfortable with their boyfriends making suggestive comments to other girls. A woman should try to communicate her feelings with her boyfriend and come to a compromise that is acceptable to both people.

Communicate calmly with your boyfriend and let him know your concerns about how flirtatious he is with other women. Make sure he understands that you trust him and don't want to change his personality, but that you need to come up with a solution to make you feel more secure when he is talking to other women.

Ask your boyfriend why he is flirty with other women and listen carefully to his answer. His answer may help you reach an understanding that will make you feel more comfortable when he is flirty with other women or perhaps it may help you realise that you aren't a suitable fit for one another.

Determine whether or not you are able to get past his flirty behaviour with other women. If you are able to look past it and move on with your relationship, then continue seeing him. However, if you do not think that people in relationships should be flirty with other people, look for a new boyfriend who shares those views.

Control your emotions. If you come off too emotional and dramatic you may scare him away, which is not necessarily what you want. Stay calm and react to his actions with confidence and grace.

Enjoy nights out with your girlfriends and get to know other guys. If your boyfriend is flirty with other women, there is no reason why you shouldn't be able to go out with the girls and have some fun. Don't go overboard or attempt to make him jealous, as this could cause further problems in the relationship. Simply be yourself and concentrate on doing what feels fun and natural for you.

Work hard to build a strong foundation of love and trust in your relationship. The more you trust your boyfriend, the less likely you are to feel nervous, anxious or jealous when he is flirty with other women. Trust takes a lot of dedication and hard work, so if your boyfriend agrees to work with you to make you feel more comfortable and trusting, take that as a sign of his love for you. Whenever he flirts with other women, remember the commitment that he is making to you.

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