How to Unlink Text Boxes in Indesign

Updated March 23, 2017

InDesign's advanced text tools provide you with a great deal of control over complex text layouts, custom runarounds and text threads, which keep text connected across columns, pages and other elements on the page. By creating a text box that links to the next text box -- and so on -- you are assured of having important text flow where it's supposed to go, as long as you link it correctly. Unlinking a text thread is akin to breaking a link in a chain, and is often necessary to re-rag or rethread text to flow in a more cohesive way around a design element.

Open your InDesign document by clicking on the file name. Locate the tool palette in your workspace, or select "Window" from the InDesign menu, then scroll down to "Tools" to open the tool palette.

Click on the Selection Tool icon in the palette, which is the black arrow in the upper left corner.

Click on the text frame you wish to unlink.

Double-click on the small box at the bottom of the text box. A broken chain icon appears.


After you have unlinked your text, re-link by clicking once again in the small box at the bottom right, which will have changed to a red "+" sign, indicating there is additional text to be placed.

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