How to Delete Skype Friends

Updated April 17, 2017

Skype boasted approximately 124 million users a month as of 2010, with up to 23 million of those users being online at the same time. With so many potential chat partners, it's easy to get carried away with adding contacts to your Skype contact list. This can become overwhelming; your important contacts can get lost amid those you barely even remember. If you find yourself in this situation, delete your unused Skype contacts to regain order and organisation in your Skype contact list.

Open Skype, and then sign into the account on which you wish to delete contacts.

Right-click one of the contacts you wish to delete. This brings up a list of options.

Click the "Remove from Contacts" option in the list that appeared. This is the second to last option in the list for Skype contacts and the last option for phone contacts. This opens a new window asking if you are sure you wish to remove this contact.

Click "Remove" in the confirmation window. This removes the contact from your list. Repeat this process for each additional contact you wish to delete.

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