How to Install Reason Without Inserting the CD

Updated April 17, 2017

Although the full version of Propellerhead's Reason requires inserting the discs for the installation and soundbank files, you can install the demo version by downloading it from their website and running it directly from your hard drive. Reason is an all inclusive virtual studio that allows you to sculpt your software synth sounds and sequence them into professional-quality tracks. The demo version of Reason includes a modified version of the soundbanks within the installation file, and is the only way to install the program without inserting the disc into your computer.

Visit the Propellerhead website by clicking on the link that is provided in the "Resources" section of this article. There you will find a list of all of the products that offer demo versions for direct download.

Click on either the "Reason Demo for Mac" or "Reason Demo for Windows" link, depending on the operating system that you are using. A dialogue box will open asking whether you want to save the installation files or run them automatically. Click the "Save" button to store the installation files to your hard disk if you want to install the application at a later time.

Open the installation files by clicking "Open" and follow the on-screen instructions for installing the Reason demo on your computer. Once the installation is complete, you will be able to access all of the instruments and effects that are provided with the full disc version, minus the ability to save your projects. A time limit of 30 minutes will also be placed on Reason each time it is opened.


Saving and exporting will be disabled while using the demo version of Reason. It is not possible to install the full version of Reason by any other means than ordering the full version disc set from the website, or by purchasing it from an in-store retailer. Reason's demo version only includes a portion of the full soundbanks that are installed with the full disc version.

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