How Do I Get My Sony Handycam to Eject My Tape?

Updated February 21, 2017

When you use a camcorder to record videos of events, such as a family vacation or your child's first steps, you'll eventually want to get the recordings out of the camera so you can edit or store them. Sony Handycams currently record digital videos on hard drives and flash drives, unlike older models that used 8mm or Hi-8 videocassette tape. If you have recorded a video on a tape with your Sony Handycam, you can easily eject it.

Press the green button on the back end of the Handycam near the eyepiece and simultaneously slide the power switch down to the "On" position to turn it on. The lamp will light up. If the camera doesn't turn on because the battery isn't charged, plug one end of the AC adaptor into the camera and the other end into a power socket, and then turn it on.

Slide the "Open/Eject" lever toward the arrow and then open the lid. The cassette compartment will automatically come out.

Remove the cassette from the compartment.

Press the "Push" button. The cassette compartment slides back into the camera body. Press the lid closed.

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