How to Convert Two Taps Into One

Updated February 21, 2017

Two cold water taps that are used with a utility sink or tub basin in a basement can be converted to one by using a "Y" adaptor connector. The "Y" connector can then be connected to another appliance or to a single valve. However, to do this you need to use separate sections of water hose. Find materials needed to complete this project at your local home improvement store.

Connect one end of a water hose onto the first water tap. Connect the other end of the water hose to an inlet on the "Y" adaptor connector. Turn the cap on the end of the hose clockwise to tighten.

Connect one end of another water hose to the second water tap. Connect the other end of this water hose to the other inlet on the "Y" adaptor.

Attach the plastic valve to the outlet on the "Y" adaptor. Tighten the valve onto the outlet by turning it clockwise. Turn the handle on the valve counterclockwise to verify that it is closed.

Turn the handle on the two water taps clockwise. This sends water into the hoses. Open the plastic water valve by turning the handle clockwise.


Attach a water hose extension to the plastic water valve. Connect the plastic water valve to the water line for a clothes washer.

Things You'll Need

  • Water hose
  • "Y" adaptor connector
  • Plastic valve
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