How to cover carpet for cheap

Not all carpets are beautiful or even useful. Carpet can be a drawback in certain areas of the home, such as the dining room or bathroom. Carpets can also become stained and faded with time. If you want to cover a carpet, but do not wish to remove it, or cannot remove it due to rent or other restrictions, then there are options. You can cover low to medium pile carpets with area rugs, carpet tiles and area rugs made from vinyl, bamboo and other natural materials. Choose these inexpensive floor covering options to cover ugly or non-functional carpet.

Choose carpet tiles for large areas of low-pile carpet that you want to cover. Carpet tiles are sections of carpet that you can lay over existing carpet to change the look of a floor. The tiles come with adhesive strips that glue the tiles to each other to create a large carpet over the existing carpet. As of 2011, these tiles typically cost between £1.90 and £5 per square foot.

Consider the use of large area rugs as an alternative to the carpet. Area rugs come in all sizes, colours and textures, and work well over existing carpet. Choose a rug that coordinates with the existing carpet colour so that it blends into the carpet and draws the eye away from the base carpet toward the area rug. Area rugs vary in price. As of 2011, you can find area rugs ranging from around £32 to more than £325, depending on size and quality. You can find less expensive rugs at second-hand stores and garage sales.

Place vinyl or bamboo rugs over low-pile carpet. These rugs transform carpeting into a hard surface, which can transform the appearance of a carpeted room. Bamboo and vinyl rugs come in many colours, textures and patterns. Some vinyl and bamboo flooring even has the appearance of a solid wood floor. The cost for a vinyl or bamboo area rug ranges from around 60 cents to £8 per square foot, depending on material, size of the rug and manufacturer.

Things You'll Need

  • Carpet tiles
  • Area rugs
  • Bamboo rugs
  • Vinyl rugs
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