How to Open a PDF on a Kindle

Updated April 17, 2017

Kindle eBook readers are not just for reading books. Use your Kindle to create a paperless office by reading and storing Adobe Portable Document Files (PDFs) directly on your Kindle. Unlike Microsoft Word documents or regular text files, PDF's contain complex graphics, images and font formatting. If you plan on only reading the PDF, choose to view the PDF in its original format on the Kindle. If you'd like to use Kindle features within the PDF document, convert the PDF to a Kindle document.

Mail the PDF document as an attachment to your Kindle e-mail address. You can find your Kindle e-mail address assigned to you by on your Kindle's "Settings" screen.

As a PDF, you'll be able use typical PDF functions like zooming, scrolling and fitting the page size to the screen.

Type "convert" in the email's "Subject" field, if you want to convert the PDF to a Kindle document.

By choosing to convert the PDF, you will be able to change the document's font size, make notes in the document and use the "Text-to-Speech" function.

The downside to converting the PDF to a Kindle document is that images will be positioned in different places, and you'll only be able to view the images in landscape mode.

Send the message to your Kindle address. If necessary, Amazon will convert the PDF and place it in your Kindle book list. Allow five to ten minutes for Amazon to convert and send the PDF to your Kindle.

Access your Kindle. Locate the PDF document in your books list and click on the name to open the document. If you sort your Kindle books by the default option, "Most Recent First," the PDF document will be the first document in your list.


Make sure you have Wi-Fi turned on to transfer the PDF to your Kindle. If you use 3G instead of Wi-Fi to access your Kindle, Amazon charges a small fee to send the PDF to your Kindle based on the PDF's file size.


Built-in PDF support is not available on first generation Kindles. If you have a Kindle DX with autorotation, image-heavey PDFs by default will be automatically converted to Kindle documents, to ensure that the Kindle properly displays the PDF.

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