How to Wash "Dry Clean Only" Curtains at Home

Updated February 21, 2017

Curtains can be a big investment because they are often made from luxurious and expensive fabrics such as velvet or silk. Most often, these fabrics require dry cleaning, which can be expensive. Save money by cleaning them at home. Purchase a home dry cleaning kit at your local grocery or home improvement store.

Spot wash the curtains with dry cleaning spot solution. Work the solution into the curtains with a clean cloth until they are gone.

Place the curtains in the home dry cleaning kit bag. Do not fill the bag more than two-thirds full. If the curtains are very large, only wash one at a time. Overfilling will not allow the curtains to tumble free and clean effectively.

Place a dry cleaning cloth into the bag with the curtains.

Zip the dry cleaning bag closed.

Place the bag into the dryer and turn it onto medium heat for as long as the dry cleaning kit manufacturer recommends.

Remove the bag and immediately hang the curtains so that they dry and cool wrinkle free.

Repeat the process with the other curtain if necessary.

Things You'll Need

  • Home dry cleaning kit
  • Home dry cleaning spot solution
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