How to Make a Booklet in OpenOffice Writer 3.1

Updated July 20, 2017

An open-source productivity suite, OpenOffice 3.1 added a Brochure print option. The option, along with a page style change, creates nice booklet pages using any printer. OpenOffice automatically formats and organises the pages to print two pages on each side of the paper in the correct order. Create the pages as a regular document, using the portrait orientation, and OpenOffice 3.1 does the rest.

Launch "OpenOffice," and open a new text document.

Press the "F11" key to open the "Styles and Formatting" dialogue window, then choose the "Page Styles" icon, which is the fourth icon on the top menu of the dialogue window.

Right-click on "First Page" and choose "Modify" to open the "Page Style" window.

Click the "Page" tab, then choose "A5" from the "Format" drop-down menu and click "OK."

Click on the paint can icon, then click inside the document to reset the page.

Right-click on "Default," and choose "Modify" to open the "Page Style" window.

Click the "Page" tab, then choose "A5" from the "Format" drop-down menu and click "OK."

Close the "Styles and Formatting" dialogue window.

Compose your cover on the first page.

Place the cursor at the end of the document, click "Insert" from the menu, choose "Manual Break" and choose "Page Break." Choose "Default" in the "Style" drop-down menu, then check "Change Page Number" and enter the page number you want to start with. Click "OK."

Click "Insert" on the menu, choose "Footer," then "Default." This will add a footer frame for page numbers on all pages except the cover page.

Click inside the "Footer" frame, then choose either the left, centre or right orientation.

Click "Insert," choose "Fields," then "Page Number" to add the numbers to the inside pages.

Compose your booklet's content, using the same "Manual Break" with the "Default" style after each page. When you get to the end, click "Manual Break," choose "Page Break" and then "First Page" in the "Style" drop-down menu. This prevents numbering from occurring on the back cover of the booklet.

Click "File," then "Print." Click the "Properties" button to open your printer's properties. In the "Page Setup" section, choose "Landscape." If your printer has a "Duplex" printing option, check that and choose a "Short-Side Left" option and click "OK."

Click the "Options" button on the bottom left corner of the print dialogue window. In the "Pages" section, check "Brochure," then click "OK."

Click "OK" to print. When the first-page sides are finished, follow the on-screen instructions to flip the paper, then click "OK."

Fold the pages in half, and staple the booklet.


The "A5" page setting helps you design the booklet in the actual size, but the brochure printing also resizes the Letter setting. The number of pages should be in multiples of four, otherwise, OpenOffice will add blank pages.

Things You'll Need

  • Stapler
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