How to Clean Your Technics 1200 Turntable

Updated February 21, 2017

Deejays and entertainers use the Technics 1200 series of turntables to mix records during parties. If you have one of these turntables and it gets a lot of use, you'll need to clean it periodically. Maintaining these turntables is a fairly simple task and if you maintain your turntable as needed, you should expect it to last many years. You can clean your Technics 1200 in less than an hour.

Wipe the outside of the turntable with a dry, cotton cloth. Do not use any types of alcohol or solvents, as they could damage both the records and the surface of the turntable. Wipe off the top of the turntable, making sure to remove all dust that has accumulated in the soft grooves. Wipe off the turntable mat that sits under the records.

Clean the record needle (or stylus) with a stylus brush. Working your way from back to front, carefully pass the brush over the needle and remove and loose hairs, particles or dust that may have accumulated.

Clean the head shell terminals. These are the electrical terminals located on the backside of the record arm, opposite the stylus. With the stylus covered, slide off the cover that protects the terminals. Wipe off the terminals with a clean cloth and replace the cover.

Lubricate the spindle. Remove the turntable and drop two to three drops of spindle lubricant (SFW0010 oil) onto the centre spindle. This lubrication should be performed every 2,000 hours of playing time.

Cover the unit with the dust cover when it's not in use. This cover will prevent the unit from getting dirty prematurely from environmental dust and pollen build-up.

Things You'll Need

  • Dry cotton cloth
  • SFW0010 oil
  • Stylus brush
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