How to block private numbers on a mobile

Updated July 20, 2017

If you are continuously receiving calls from private numbers to your mobile phone, you can easily put an end to these calls by controlling what numbers are permitted to call your phone. To make a number private, callers can set their number to private using smartphone features before entering the number they wish to contact so they can block the number they are calling from. Most phones give users the option to restrict certain numbers from contacting their phone. Changing the settings in your phone can help eliminate unwanted calls from private numbers. Smartphone users can download applications to control the incoming calls sent to their devices.

Open the menu on your phone and scroll until you see "settings." Select OK. Next, scroll until you see "calling options" or "calls"and select OK. (Titles may vary depending on your phone.)

Select the option that you would like for your incoming calls. Options may include "accept all calls," "accept only numbers in contact list," "restrict private numbers," "call barring" or "block all calls." After choosing one of these options, press OK. Your phone should now be set to block private numbers from calling your phone.

Download an application that will allow you to restrict certain numbers from calling your mobile phone if you have a smartphone. Many of these applications are free of charge, while some charge a fee.

Download the application Call Blocker X if you are an Android user. Open the menu tab and scroll down to the Market application. Search for Call Blocker X and select Download. The application will be available in the menu after the download is complete.

Choose the application Call Blocker Pro if you are a Blackberry user. Press the Menu button on your Blackberry device and scroll to find the icon for the Blackberry App World. Search for Call Blocker Pro and select Download. The application is available to download for £1.90.

Select the application Call Block Basic if you are a Palm OS user. Search for Call Block Basic in the Palm App Catalog and scroll down to download the free application.

Download the application iBlacklist if you are an iPhone user. Search for iBlacklist in the app store and select the download link. The applications costs £8.40.


If your phone does not offer the option to control your incoming calls, you can contact your mobile phone company service provider to see if they offer services that will restrict private numbers from calling your phone. Most phone companies offer services such as call block, call rejection, call trap or call screening. In most cases it will cost you an extra £2.50 or more each month.

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