How to Take Black-and-White Photos With a Nikon D3000

Updated July 20, 2017

In the days of film cameras, photographers needed to choose whether to use colour or black-and-white film. In today's digital age, any picture taken with a digital camera, such as the Nikon D3000, can be turned into a black-and-white print using photo-editing software. The D3000 additionally has a setting in its "Retouch" menu that allows the user to make a black-and-white copy of any image on the camera's SD memory card. The original version of the image remains unchanged.

Preview the picture you want to make black and white on the LCD screen. Use the arrow button at the top left of the LCD screen to enter preview mode and the navigation arrows on the multiselector button to jump through the images available to find the right picture.

Press the "OK" button to bring up the "Retouch" menu.

Use the navigation arrows to find and choose the "Monochrome" option, and then "Black-and-White."

Press the "OK" button to save the black-and-white copy of the image onto the camera's memory card.


You can add a maximum of 10 effects from the "Retouch" menu to any picture on the SD memory card.

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