How to reset a flip ultra hd

Updated March 23, 2017

The Flip Ultra HD is a hand-held digital camera and camcorder that records HD video. If you are having problems with your Ultra HD, such as it lagging, consider resetting the device to see if that fixes the problem. Resetting the Ultra HD may cure intermittent problems you are having with the unit. The procedure to reset the Flip is easy and involves simply removing the battery for a period of time.

Push the "Power" button to turn off the Flip Ultra HD.

Slide the battery switch on the right side to "Unlock."

Apply pressure to the front panel and slide it downward. This exposes the Flip's battery pack.

Lift the battery pack out of the camera. Leave it out for at least 60 seconds.

Insert the battery pack into the compartment. Slide the front panel upward to close it, and then slide the battery switch to "Lock."

Push the "Power" button to turn on the Flip Ultra HD.

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