How to Insert a Google Maps Hyperlink Into Excel

Updated April 17, 2017

Google Maps includes functionality that allows any user to map a geographical location. That location can then be used to create travelling directions, or Google can generate a hyperlink that can be shared with others so they can view the map. A Google Maps hyperlink can also be stored in a program that features hyperlink integration, such as Microsoft Excel. Excel hyperlinks are attached to values in a spreadsheet cell and can be clicked on so the link opens in your system's default browser.

Open an Internet browser window and navigate to the Google Maps page (see "Resources").

Type your address or location into the text box at the top of the screen and then click "Search Maps."

Click "Link" at the top-right corner of the browser window.

Use your mouse to highlight the URL under "Paste Link in Email or IM," then press and hold "Ctrl" and then press "C" to copy it.

Double click your Excel document, or launch Excel to create a new document.

Select the cell to which you want to attach the hyperlink. When the cell is selected, there will be a black box surrounding it.

Right click on the selected cell and choose "Hyperlink."

Click inside the text box next to "Address" and press and hold "Ctrl" and press "V" to paste the link.

Click "OK" to close the hyperlink window.


If you need to change a hyperlink in Excel, click the cell once to select it and then right-click on it and choose "Edit Hyperlink." The value in the text box next to "Address" can be adjusted to any value you wish.

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