How to get jobs on oil rigs

Written by brian gabriel | 13/05/2017
How to get jobs on oil rigs
A job on an oil rig is physically demanding and financially rewarding. (Jupiterimages/ Images)

Most entry-level jobs in the petroleum industry have to do with the production of oil. This process involves drilling and extracting oil from reservoirs in the ocean and on land. An "oil rig" can refer to the "drilling rig," which is used for on-land oil drilling, or to the "oil platform," which is used for offshore oil drilling. These platforms are very large structures that house oil rig workers in addition to holding extensive drilling operations. The pay for oil rig jobs is high, but they require you to be in good physical condition.

Meet basic health requirements. Oil rig employers will require that you pass a series of physical examinations before offering you a job, including a spinal X-ray test. Employers will also require you to pass a drug test.

Purchase membership into trade associations in the petroleum industry. These trade associations publish directories of oil rig companies with full contact information that you can only access as a member. Some examples of trade associations include the American Petroleum Institute, the National Petroleum Council and the Independent Petroleum Association of America. Start out with organisations closest to where you live to see if you can find oil rig jobs available in your area. Remember that there are oil rig jobs all around the world and you can apply to jobs internationally if you are willing to travel.

Scan a list of the largest petroleum companies. The Wilshire Index, for instance, lists the largest oil rig companies in the United States. This index is used widely by stock traders to learn about the largest stocks in various industries. Write down a list of petroleum companies on the list that offer the exact jobs you are interested in applying for. The Wilshire Index will give you all their contact information. Check the resources section for lists of petroleum companies that have oil rig jobs.

Check websites of large oil companies. Companies such as Exxon Mobile, Chevron Corporation and BP have a lot of job listings on their websites, although they receive a lot of applications for these jobs. You will face heavy competition on these sites and may find it difficult to secure a position on an oil rig through big companies if you do not have a lot of previous experience.

Sign up for a resume distribution service targeted to the petroleum industry. These services show your resume to oil rig employers. They will help you write your cover letter and resume and then send them out to multiple oil rig employers, usually for a fee.

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