How to Build an Outboard Bracket for Conversion

Updated April 17, 2017

When converting your boat from an inboard system to an outboard system, you will be required to purchase or make your own outboard bracket. Outboard brackets are racks for you to bolt or clamp your outboard motor to. These must be sturdy as well as have the ability to be manoeuvred. The process of building an outboard bracket for conversion of your boat requires much concentration but is not as expensive as purchasing a whole new bracket.

Lay one of the three large boards on the ground horizontally. Bend the two shorter sides at the 5-inch mark 90 degrees inward. Drill 5 holes on each side, each of them evenly spaced out. This is your backboard.

Lay another board on the ground just as you have with the first. Use the metal cutter to cut the board in half. Hold these perpendicular to the backboard and mark where the drilled out holes are. Drill holes on the two smaller boards and bolt them on to the sides perpendicularly.

Drill one hole in each corner of the smaller boards, there will be 4 holes total. Drill holes 1 inch from the ends of the stainless steel bars and bolt one end on to each corner. Drill a hole 1 inch in diameter at the centre of two of the bars that are on the closer side.

Lay the last board on the ground and drill out the corners around 1 inch from the edge. Bend it the same way you bent the backboard. Bolt the bars to the holes on the edge, and make sure that it can move front and back. If it is too tense, apply lubricant or slightly loosen the bolts.

Bend the aluminium pole into an U-shaped handle. Drill out 1-inch holes 1 inch from the ends of the bar facing outwards. Thread the stainless steel pole through the holes and weld it on to the stainless steel bars.

Lay your bracket up against the front board, mark where the bolts should go, and drill them out. Drill holes along the edges and centre of the backboard to bolt on to your transom.


Welding twice yields better results.


Weld properly or your outboard may fall off.

Things You'll Need

  • 3 large stainless steel boards
  • 4 stainless steel bars
  • 1 aluminium pole
  • 1 stainless steel pole
  • Bolts
  • Welder
  • Power drill
  • Metal bender
  • Metal cutter
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