How to Light up a Rayburn Regent: The Process

Updated May 18, 2018

Rayburn, based in the United Kingdom, is a manufacturer of stoves for heating and cooking. The Regent model has a round grate to use for cooking and heating with wood. Preparation for lighting a Rayburn Regent includes cleaning the old ashes out so there is sufficient airflow through the holes in the grate for a fire to burn. Old ashes in the bottom of a stove can smother a fire so that it will not start and draw correctly, which can introduce smoke into your home. The oil-fired model of the Regent was introduced in the late 1960s as an oven and water boiler or an oven for cooking only.

Open the ash pit and fire door lock by turning the lock clockwise. Swing both doors open.

Insert the ash pan removal tool in the ash pan handle from the bottom with the two fingers pointing up and the handle pointing toward you. Pull the handle to remove the ash pan. The ash pan is inside the left door.

Empty the ashes outdoors in a metal or fireproof container if the ashes are warm, and replace the ash pan by sliding it inward.

Open the right door fully. Hold the grate removal tool with the hook pointing down. Insert the hook in the hole of the round wood-burning grate with the hook pointing down. This tool is a long metal rod with a hook on one end. Pull the tool up and forward to pull the grate up and out of the stove. Clean any ashes off the grate with a small broom.

Replace the grate in the cooker.

Place crumpled newspaper in the bottom of the fire pit with a stack of twigs on top of it. Add a few sticks of wood on top of the twigs.

Open the chimney damper by pulling it fully to the left. Spin the damper wheel counterclockwise to open it.

Light the newspaper with a lighter and close both doors.

Open the fire pit door and load additional wood onto the fire.

Push the flue dilution lever up to open the flue chamber door with a wood fire. This will control the air ratio in the damper to reduce flue draught and ensure a longer-lasting fire.


Ash pan and grate removal tools are included with the purchase of a Rayburn cooker. If you do not have these tools you may remove the ash pan and grate by hand as long as the cooker is not warm. You may use a fireplace log or fire starter to start the fire instead of newspaper and twigs.


Do not use other types of fuel with this model of cooker. The round grate supports wood for fuel and has holes in it for ventilation.

Things You'll Need

  • Ash pan removal tool
  • Grate removal tool
  • Small broom
  • Newspaper
  • Twigs
  • Wood
  • Lighter
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