How to Put Out a Chimney Fire With Salt

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Chimney fires can become a problem in fireplaces, as well as wood burning stoves. These fires often occur as a result of creosote build-up from burnt wood. This tar-like substance is extremely flammable and takes only slight contact with an open flame to ignite. When a chimney fire starts, it may be possible to treat the problem with salt, according to the National Fire Prevention Association. While salt can extinguish small fires, it should not be considered a foolproof method to fight a chimney fire.

Call the fire brigade as soon as you notice the chimney fire. While the salt may extinguish small chimney fires, the fire brigade may be needed to help with larger fires.

Gather any salt you have in the home, whether it be standard table salt or rock salt. Pour the salt in a large bowl to make it easier to spread over the fire. If using rock salt from a large bag, it may not be necessary to dump it into a bowl.

Pour the salt into the fire chamber of the fireplace or stove. Continue to pour until the fire goes out or you run out of salt.

Evacuate the home immediately after you pour the salt. Stay outside until the fire brigade shows up and examines the chimney.

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