How to Take a Profile Off of eHarmony

Updated February 21, 2017

You've seen the commercials for eHarmony, the dating website where single people post profiles of themselves in hopes of finding love online. If you are an eHarmony user whose already found love or no longer wants your profile on the website, you can have your profile deleted or removed. The information on your eHarmony profile is personal information that you control; it's up to no one but you whether or not that information remains online.

Visit the eHarmony website and log in to your personal account. Find the option on your home page marked "My Settings" and click on it.

Follow the prompts for your account settings and find the link at the bottom of the account settings page that allows you to close your account and click on it.

Read the information provided on the settings page before closing your account. To continue, click "Close." A confirmation page will appear notifying you that your eHarmony profile has been closed and your account is no longer active.

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