How to modify a crosman phantom

Updated February 21, 2017

Crosman has been in the business of producing quality air-rifles for many years. These include BB guns, pellet guns and some .22 calibre rifles. The Crosman Phantom is a break-style air-rifle that is offered in several models. This weapon is mostly used for target plinking, and can also be used for hunting small game such as birds and rodents. Many airgun enthusiasts choose to modify their rifles for greater power and accuracy.

Unload the weapon completely. Visually inspect the weapon to ensure that no ammunition is present.

Disassemble the weapon completely. Because the Crosman Phantom is produced in several models, disassembly will correspondingly vary. Consult your owners manual for specifics.

Replace the factory air piston with a higher quality piston for greater pressure. If you own a Crosman Phantom 500, you can interchange with Crosman Phantom 1000 air piston.

Install a sight that you prefer to use on the weapon. This can be a fibre optic or glowing night sight, rear peep sight, rear tang sight or an optical scope depending on your preference.

Replace the factory trigger with a high performance match-trigger. These triggers offer lighter trigger pull and greater accuracy due to less hand tremor when firing.


Remove the factory grease and lubrication while your rifle is disassembled. Apply a high grade lubrication in place of the factory grease for optimal mechanical operation.


Never point the Crosman Phantom at anything that you do not intend to shoot or kill. Always ensure that weapons are unloaded after every use for proper security.

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