How do I Replace the Plug Wires on a Virago 535?

Updated April 17, 2017

A two-cylinder V-Twin engine powers the Yamaha Virago 535. Each cylinder contains one spark plug and one spark plug wire. The spark plugs are changed every 8,000 miles or once every 12 months. You should install new spark plug wires as part of your annual tune-up, and you can do the job yourself to save some money. The installation requires only a few basic tools.

The Virago 535 has two cylinder head covers. The cylinder head covers are each secured by to Phillips head screws. Place the Phillips head screwdriver inside the screw head. Turn the screwdriver counter-clockwise to remove the two cylinder head cover screws.

Remove the cylinder head cover from the cylindar. You can now access the spark plug.

The spark plug wires are tied to the frame by a plastic clip. Cut the plastic clip with the wire cutters. Remove the plastic clip from the frame.

Grab the end of the spark plug wire and pull it off the spark plug. Follow the other end of the spark plug wire to where it connects into the ignition coil. Pull the spark plug wire off the ignition coil.

Push the new spark plug wire onto the top of spark plug. You will feel the plug wire snap in place on the spark plug. Push the other end of the spark plug wire onto the ignition coil.

Wrap a new plastic tie around the plug wire and the motorcycle frame. Pull the tie tight with the pliers to secure the plug wire to the frame.

Repeat the above steps with the second cylinder.


Make certain that the spark plug wires are all the way on. A solid connection must be made.

Things You'll Need

  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Wire cutter
  • Plastic wire tie
  • Pliers
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