How to kill roots in sewer pipes with home remedies

A broken or cracked sewer line plus a large, deeply rooted tree will spell trouble for any homeowner. When the damage to the sewer line occurs, the tree's roots will see this as an entrance point and begin to signal the root system to grow. The resulting damage to the sewer line and home can translate into several hundreds or thousands of dollars in repair bills. A homemade chemical solution is available that will kill the roots without harming the tree, or the ground surrounding the pipes.

Pour one half cup baking soda into a medium sized bowl.

Add one cup white vinegar to the mixture. Stir the ingredients together until a paste is formed.

Pour the paste into the toilet and flush. The two agents will naturally fizzle, breaking up and killing the roots.

Repeat this process three times a day for one week or until the obstruction is gone.


Avoid using copper sulphate to kill the roots in the sewer lines as it will release copper into nearby groundwater.

Things You'll Need

  • Baking soda
  • Medium sized bowl
  • White vinegar
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