How to Remove the Destination NAV in an Audi

Updated July 20, 2017

In Audi vehicles equipped with the Multi-Media Interface, the MMI is used to control the radio and climate control systems of the vehicle and also functions as an on-board navigation system. This system can be programmed with a destination address or point-of-interest to provide route guidance via the system's visual map and audible driving directions. If you want to remove a programmed destination, you can cancel route guidance so you can drive on your own or program a new destination.

Press the "NAV" button on the MMI console to open up the navigation function on your Audi.

Use the control knob to scroll to and highlight "Cancel Route Guidance."

Press down on the control knob to select "Cancel Route Guidance." The destination will be removed from the navigation system and you will no longer receive direction prompts from the MMI system.

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