Door Chime Instructions

The sound of a door chime will not only serve a useful purpose but it can also add to the atmosphere of your home or shop, depending on the actual sound of the chime. The many styles of door chimes range from manual bells mounted on doors to doorbell systems connected to the wiring of your house. Each style of door chime has its own specific instructions for installation but some common guidelines apply when installing each.

Disconnect the electrical power at the breaker to the house wiring where you are installing the door chimes.

Remove the existing transformer and label the wiring that you remove. If this is a new installation, follow the directions of the kit that you have. Generally, you will need three house wires. One black, one white and one ground wire.

Connect the black house wire to the black transformer wire and the white house wire to the white transformer wire. Strip off the wire coating about ½ inch from the ends of each wire. Twist the end of each house wire together with the end of the corresponding transformer wire and screw on a wire nut. The wire nut should completely cover the stripped wire ends, providing insulation. Connect the ground wire from the transformer to a ground wire with a wire nut or clamp it to a conduit.

Run wires from the transformer to the chime mechanism from both the doorbell button and the transformer. Connect each wire to the terminals in the chime mechanism according to the kit's directions.

Mount the doorbell button by your door with screws. Also screw the chime mechanism to the wall. When all the components are in place, properly wired and mounted on the wall, turn the power back on. Test the chime by pushing the doorbell button.

Insert batteries into the doorbell button and chime mechanism components. Test that the system works while they are in close proximity. If they do not work, try new batteries. If they still do not work, you may need a new kit.

Mount the chime mechanism inside the house at the desired location. It should not be more than 150 feet from where you want the doorbell button.

Hold the doorbell button component where you want to place it and press it to test the chime. If it does not work, move it to a different location and try again until you get it to work. When it works correctly, screw the doorbell component into place.

Hold the shop bell up to the door where you want it to be. Make sure that it will not interfere with the opening and closing of the door.

Mark the screw holes with a pencil through the holes in the mounting hardware. Drill pilot holes into the door.

Screw the shop bell to the door using the pilot holes.


Mount the doorbell button component at about the same height as your doorknob. Mount them out of the weather and away from metal surfaces.


Do not attempt to wire door chimes to the house wiring unless you are an experienced electrician. Always disconnect the power to the area of the house in which you are working to avoid electric shock.

Things You'll Need

  • Door chime kit, including hardware
  • Wire nuts
  • Screw driver
  • Screws
  • Batteries
  • Drill
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