How to Check the Transmission on a Land Rover Freelander

Updated February 21, 2017

The Land Rover Freelander is the entry level luxury SUV from the British car manufacturer. This model was introduced when Land Rover was owned by Ford and they wanted to expand beyond the flagship Range Rover models that were too highly priced to sell more than a few thousand units a year. The Freelander was a great success, due to the Land Rover interior and cheaper Ford power train. However, the Land Rover's reliability issues still cropped up so the Freelander demands considerably more maintenance than other SUVs, especially transmission maintenance.

Look under the centre of the Freelander and look for any yellowish/brown stains that would indicate a transmission leak. Try parking somewhere new, that is clear of any pre-existing spots, to be sure any stains are from the Freelander. If there are drips then the transmission is leaking and it needs to be repaired or replaced.

Drive the SUV for ten minutes to warm up the transmission fluid. To take a proper reading of the transmission fluid, the fluid needs to be warmed up. If the automatic transmission clunks or kicks violently then the transmission is starting to break and needs to be rebuilt. If you have a manual transmission then pay close attention to the feel of the shifting gears as you will be able to feel if the gears are out of alignment or if it is teething incorrectly.

Put the Freelader into park and then turn the SUV off. Pop the hood and locate the transmission dipstick, it will be labelled as such. Pull the stick out and wipe it off with a paper towel. Slide the dipstick back in until it is flush with the port, pull it out and then read the level on the dipstick. There are two bars on the dipstick, if the fluid is under the bottom bar then the transmission is low on fluid and needs to be refilled or there is a leak. If the fluid is over the top bar then the transmission was overfilled and needs to be drained somewhat. If it is between the two bars then the levels are fine.

Things You'll Need

  • Paper towels
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