How to install footwell LED lights

Updated April 17, 2017

Light-Emitting Diodes (LEDs), which are also known as solid-state lighting, use less electricity than their incandescent and compact fluorescent counterparts. LEDs also can produce beams that are as bright or brighter than other lights, making them a viable alternative for vehicle drivers who are looking to get the best output and lowest price when they're driving in the dark. However, some LEDs, like ones placed on the underdash of your vehicle, add light and style to your vehicle's interior. You can install Diode Dynamics Footwell LEDs to your vehicle's underdash to light the way inside at night.

Remove the vehicle's glove box by gently pulling it out or undoing its screws with the Phillips-head or flathead bit and adjustable screwdriver.

Peel off the protective mounting tape of one of the LED strips, and stick it to a spot below the exposed glove box's underdash.

Remove the underdash below the steering wheel by undoing its screws with the Phillips or flat bit and screwdriver.

Attach the two strip clips about 2 inches from both ends of the second LED strip. Run a zip mounting tie through the holes of both clips, and tie them to any of the wires underneath the steering wheel's underdash.

Pry open the plastic or leather display in the centre of your vehicle with the flathead screwdriver; take the clips for the display's wiring harnesses off and remove the display.

Undo the screws holding the stereo receiver with the Phillips or flat bit and screwdriver. Unplug the clips from the receiver and remove it.

Open the LED Plug-and-Play wiring harness by hand. Run the single-wired plug through the centre display and down through the glove box's underdash; it should appear on the passenger's side floor once it's been run through.

Insert the single-wired plug into the end of the LED strip attached to the glove box's underdash.

Run the double-wired plug through the centre display and the steering wheel's underdash; it should appear on the driver's side floor once its through.

Insert the double-wired plug into the end of the steering wheel underdash's LED strip.

Twist the silver switch connector's wire end around the cigarette lighter's coloured (not black) wire to splice the two together; complete the splice by attaching a wire crimp to where you just spliced the two wires.

Run the silver switch connector's plug end through the steering wheel's underdash. Pop off the fuse cover of your vehicle, located to the left of the steering wheel, by hand and run the silver switch connector's plug end through until it pops out of the front.

Pop off the side dash of your vehicle, located to the left of the fuse cover, by hand and undo the bottom bolt with the bolt remover.

Attach the ringed silver switch connector to the bolt hold, and screw the bolt through the ring to set the LED mini-switch's ground connection.

Plug the wired ends of both silver switch connectors into the mini-switch. Turn your vehicle's ignition key to "ACC" or "ON", and flip the mini-switch up to turn on the underdash LED lights.


Consult your owner's manual if you aren't sure how to remove the underdash of your glove box or steering wheel.


Do not twist anything around the cigarette lighter's black wire; the only wire that is used in this installation is the non-black one.

Things You'll Need

  • Phillips-head bit
  • Flathead bit
  • Adjustable screwdriver
  • Two LED mounting strips
  • Strip clips
  • Zip mounting ties
  • LED Plug-and-Play wiring harness
  • Silver switch connector
  • Wire crimp
  • Ringed silver switch connector
  • Bolt remover
  • LED mini-switch
  • Vehicle's ignition key
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