How to hook a pressure washer to a water tank

Updated February 21, 2017

Pressure washers are motor-driven hoses used to wash cars, sidewalks and buildings. Usually, you connect a pressure washer to a standard garden hose. However, if you have a water tank equipped with a tapped faucet, you can connect your power washer to the water tank. However, be very careful not to run the water tank dry. Running the power washer without water can damage the power washer.

Thread the female end of a standard garden hose onto the faucet or drain valve installed in the water tank. If the water tank does not have a drain valve, purchase a standard water hose faucet (the kind that you see on the outside of most homes). Remove the drain plug on the bottom of the water tank and thread the faucet into place.

Thread the female-to-female-hose coupler onto the male end of the garden hose if the coupler on your power washer is a male coupler. If the coupler on the power sprayer is already female, skip this step.

Thread the hose coupler or hose onto the coupler on the pressure washer.

Turn the water shut-off valve to the "on" position on the water tank.

Turn on the power washer. Again, keep an eye on the water levels inside the water tank. Do not run the tank dry while the power washer is on.

Things You'll Need

  • Hose
  • Hose adaptor
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