Tristar AV Sender Instructions

Updated July 20, 2017

Audio/Video components can be expensive, so if you can share a single AV device across multiple televisions, you can save money and simplify your set-up. The Tristar AV sender is a home theatre component manufactured by United Kingdom-based Philex Electronics. The AV sender is capable of wirelessly sending video and audio signals from one room to another, so you can share a single media player across multiple rooms and televisions in your house.

Place the transmitter unit of the AV Sender kit next to the component that you want to transmit.

Connect the integrated SCART pass-through cable from the transmitter unit into the "SCART Output" port on the AV component.

Connect the SCART pass-through connector to your main television with a SCART cable.

Insert the infrared extender cable connector into the infrared port on the back of the transmitter unit.

Place the infrared eye in front of the sensor window on the front of the AV component device.

Plug the transmitter unit into a wall outlet with its power adaptor.

Connect the receiver unit to your secondary television with the integrated SCART cable.

Set the power switch in the transmitter unit to "ON" and turn on the AV component and your secondary television. The signal will be transmitted wireless and displayed through the television's SCART input.

Things You'll Need

  • SCART cable
  • Infrared extender cable
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