How to Restore Shine to a Laminate Countertop That Has Been Sanded

Laminate countertops are appreciated for their bacteria resistance, ease of maintenance and affordability. Plastic laminate used in countertops is just one type of laminate; it's actually known as HPDL, or high pressure decorative laminate, and it consists of kraft paper layers, decorative layers and a thin sheet of clear plastic or real wood veneer on top, pressure moulded together into a durable finished product. The patterns and colours available are virtually without limit, meaning you can find a laminate countertop to enhance any kitchen decor Although laminate countertops are sturdy, they can become flawed. Knives, sandpaper and various sharp objects can scratch laminate countertops and taint their appearance. Sealing and polishing a scratched or sanded laminate countertop can revitalise it. With the right techniques, you can restore shine to a laminate countertop yourself.

Saturate a cotton cleaning rag in white vinegar. Wipe the rag thoroughly over the countertop to disinfect and remove grime.

Let the laminate surface dry completely.

Dip a second cotton cleaning rag into a container of car wax. Rub the rag over the sanded laminate until the rough area is completely coated with wax.

Leave the wax on the countertop for 10 minutes.

Wipe the dried car wax off the countertop using a third cotton cleaning rag. Buff the countertop in circular motions.


You can substitute chlorine bleach for vinegar. Wear cleaning gloves to protect your hands.

Things You'll Need

  • 3 cotton cleaning rags
  • White vinegar
  • Car wax
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