How to Seal a Wood Burning Stove

Updated February 21, 2017

A wood stove needs to have a tight seal in order for the wood inside to receive enough oxygen to keep the fire burning hot, but not so much oxygen that the fire will burn out too quickly. Maintaining the sealing around the doorway of the wood stove helps keep the interior environment regulated for optimum performance. If the seal is not fitting properly, it should be replaced with new gasketry stripping.

Open the door of the wood burning stove. Peel off the used gasketing.

Scrub any remaining adhesive left behind from the gasketing using steel wool. Use small, circular motions.

Press new gasketing around the perimeter of the opening. Trim off any excess with shears.

Close the door of the wood stove, and leave it closed for 10 seconds. This will form the gasketry into the exact form of the door opening.

Open the door again. Allow the gasketry to set into place for at least one hour.

Things You'll Need

  • Gasketing
  • Steel wool
  • Shears
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