Instructions for Building the USS Kittyhawk

Written by jacob stover | 13/05/2017

Construction toys are a perennial favourite for children across the globe. These toys feature small, interlocking plastic bricks that come in a variety of shapes, colours, and sizes. These toys are often sold in model kit sets based around the construction of large and intricate models. The Mega Bloks USS Kittyhawk model set was released in the early '90s as one of the most difficult model sets at the time, featuring more than 1,700 individual pieces. The USS Kittyhawk set is no longer in production and has been replaced by the Pro-Builder Carbon Battleship set, which features a nearly identical construction.

Navigate online to the Megabrands Request Center page. (See Resources)

Enter the appropriate information into the request form. You are asked to specify to the toy by brand and model number. You also need to note what parts of the toy need replacing and why the replacement is needed. Click "Continue" when you have entered the necessary information.

Enter your mailing address and contact information into the appropriate fields. This information is necessary for mailing the instructions. Because the USS Kittyhawk set is no longer manufactured, it might take four to six weeks for the request to process.

Navigate online to the Mega Brands Instructions page. (See Resources)

Click the drop-down menu labelled "Brand" and select "Probuilder."

Locate "Model #3263: Battleship" from the results. Click the arrow button next to the model number to download the instructions in PDF form. This model is the modern replacement for the USS Kittyhawk model set. While the new model features some additional decals and embellishments, the main body of the ship, as well as the turrets and helicopter model are almost identical. These instructions can be used to complete the USS Kittyhawk set with little trouble.

Things you need

  • Internet connection

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