How to Use Stock Flowers in Floral Arrangements

Variety is a key to attractive floral arrangements, with flower colour, size and height making fresh arrangements pop with tasteful design. An appealing bouquet contains focal flowers, filler flowers and line flowers. Focal flowers are the stars of the arrangement and filler flowers serve to fill in gaps. Line flowers create the height and width of an arrangement. Stock flowers serve as effective line flowers, giving shape to a flower arrangement.

Soak the floral foam according to package recommendations, if you will be using it to secure the flower stems in the vase. Insert the floral foam into the vase after the soaking period.

Create the height of the arrangement with the stock flowers. Trim off the end of one stock flower so the height of the stem equals about three to four times the vase height. Insert the stock stem in the centre of the arrangement to be the highpoint of the arrangement.

Define the width of the arrangement with two more stock stems. Trim the bottoms of these stems to make them roughly the width you desire for the arrangement -- make the width narrower than the height. Insert one stock stem facing the left and the other stock stem facing to the right to create the width.

Add the focal flowers to the arrangement, adding an odd number of focal flowers spread over the central area of the arrangement. Place these flowers so they distribute the colour and focal points in the middle and just below the centre point of the arrangement.

Fill gaps in around the edges and in between the focal flowers with filler flowers and foliage. Use small groupings of baby's breath, Dianthus and ferns to add complementary texture and colour to the arrangement.

Step back and assess the arrangement. Make any necessary changes to the placement of the flowers.


The arrangement process for silk or dried flowers is generally the same, except that you will not soak the floral foam for artificial flowers. Use floral foam for artificial flowers.

Things You'll Need

  • Floral foam
  • Vase
  • Line flowers (3 stock stems)
  • Focal flowers (5 or 7 roses, lilies, tulips or Gerbera daisies)
  • Filler flowers (baby's breath, Dianthus and ferns)
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