How to Record Sound With Mmcontrol in Vb6

Updated July 20, 2017

In VB6, there is an object called MMControl, or multimedia control, that performs many different multimedia options. The most obvious ones are to play and pause music, but you can also record sound using the MMControl unit. A USB device, such as a microphone, will be required to receive the sound, but there is no coding needed either for the recording function or the USB integration because all of this is automatically contained in the control.

Launch VB6 (from "Programs" in the "Start" menu). In the right toolbox, select "MMControl" and drag it into the coding panel.

Right-click "Command" in the right menu and choose "Record." This creates a "Record" button in your VB6 program.

Connect a USB device to your computer that can receive sound, then push "Record." VB6 will record the sound. When finished, press the record button again. This saves a WAV file on your desktop.

Things You'll Need

  • USB microphone
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