How to Cover a Floor With Liquid Vinyl

Updated February 21, 2017

Liquid vinyl flooring is a material that, when applied, produces a seamless and monolithic surface that bonds directly to the substrate of existing flooring. Commonly used in applications where a wear-resistant, nonslip, easy-to-clean, permanent and flexible flooring is required, liquid vinyl is used in a wide range of applications. Some examples include hospital and health-care environments, warehouses, kitchens, food manufacturing facilities, kennels, car showrooms, garages and workshops. The material comes in a variety of colours and is relatively easy to apply using traditional painting methods.

Prepare the existing floor surface for application of the liquid vinyl material. Allow new concrete surfaces to cure for at least four weeks. Remove any dust or other debris, grease and oil from the existing flooring. Abrade or etch any smooth surfaces to provide good contact between the surface of the existing flooring and the vinyl material. Dry the existing surface completely before application.

Mix the curing agent and vinyl resin, based on manufacturer recommendations. Combine the components thoroughly, mixing with the drill and blending blade for two to three minutes until the mixture is an even colour. Avoid incorporating air into the mixture.

Bring the temperature of the room to above 10 degrees C for optimal application results.

Paint the liquid vinyl on the existing flooring using the hand paintbrush, cutting in around the perimeter of the room and around any permanent objects, such as posts or electrical fixtures set in the existing flooring.

Apply an even coat of the liquid vinyl with the sheepskin roller and long handle to the remaining sections of the floor.

Allow the liquid vinyl flooring to cure for 18 to 24 hours. Apply additional coats as needed to build up the floor, waiting 18 to 24 hours between each coat.

Things You'll Need

  • Liquid vinyl and curing agent
  • Electric drill
  • Paint mixing blade
  • Large paintbrush
  • Sheepskin paint roller and long handle
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