What Can DRYLOK Paint Be Used On?

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DRYLOK is a concrete and masonry waterproofing paint manufactured by United Gilsonite Laboratories (UGL). It is available in both latex and oil bases, and is tintable to a handful of different light and pastel colours to complement decor.

DRYLOK forms a barrier against hydrostatic pressure---the force that water exerts against a surface due to gravity---to prevent water seepage through concrete. DRYLOK can be brushed or rolled on, and does require two thick coats to be effective. DRYLOK can only be used over Portland cement-based concrete, and is only effective as a waterproofer when used as the first coating over the bare surface.

Interior Walls

DRYLOK is most commonly thought of as a basement waterproofer. It provides an all-in-one solution for homeowners who have breeze block or concrete walls above or below grade---it both creates a finished, painted look over the concrete, and also prevents water from seeping in through the porous walls. When applied properly to a wall, it can withstand up to 4.54 Kilogram of hydrostatic pressure, which is more than enough to resist seepage in homes in rainy areas or with large amounts of groundwater.

Exterior Walls

DRYLOK can also be used to waterproof concrete walls and foundations on the exterior of homes. It provides the same water resistance as an interior application, and can be advantageous for a contractor or homeowner who wants to finish any rooms below-grade with drywall, as the seep-resistant finish will help prevent moisture and mould from gathering and forming behind the finished walls.

Garden and Landscaping

After it has cured, DRYLOK is perfectly safe around animals and wildlife. DRYLOK makes a great coating for the inside of fish ponds, and can also be used to re-colour birdbaths and other garden decorations. DRYLOK is durable enough to withstand many other exterior jobs, and can help bring colour and decor to many different concrete applications in and around the home and garden. DRYLOK can also be used on retaining walls to help with water pressure and soil erosion issues that may result.

Swimming Pools

Oil-based DRYLOK and DRYLOK Extreme Masonry Waterproofers can be used to paint in and around concrete swimming pools, an application that usually requires a more expensive speciality paint. Using DRYLOK in a swimming pool still requires careful surface preparation of the concrete, including sealing any gaps and cracks with hydraulic cement, and multiple coats for the paint to be durable enough to withstand the application.