How to use a fresh scents bag in a vacuum

Updated February 21, 2017

Fresh Scents Scented Sachets are small paper bags filled with scented deodorising powder. The sachets come in a variety of fragrances but with very little instruction. They are designed to be multipurpose and help eliminate odours almost anywhere you put them. To reduce the odour from dirt and bacteria build-up inside a vacuum cleaner canister or bag, you can place the Fresh Scents bag or powder directly into your vacuum cleaner's canister or bag.

Open the top of your vacuum cleaner's empty bag or canister according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Place the Fresh Scents bag into the bag or canister.

Close your vacuum cleaner's canister or insert the bag according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Vacuum as usual until the vacuum's bag or canister is full. As you vacuum, the pleasing odour of the Fresh Scent's bag will permeate the air.

Remove the Fresh Scents bag when you empty the vacuum's bag or canister. If the Fresh Scents bag still smells good, dust it off and place it in the empty canister or fresh bag. If not, place a new sachet in the canister or new vacuum bag.

Tap the bottom of the Fresh Scents bag on a table or other hard surface to shift the powder to the bottom. This will prevent powder in the top from spilling out when you open it.

Cut the top of the bag off to open it.

Empty the contents of the Fresh Scents bag onto the carpet. You will likely not need all 198gr. For large vacuums, start with half (you can always add more later). For small, hand-held vacuums, a quarter of the bag is often enough.

Fold the Fresh Scents bag over, tape it closed and place it in a plastic bag to store it until you need it again.

Vacuum up the Fresh Scents powder. As you vacuum normally with the loose powder inside the bag or canister, the scent will permeate the air. When the vacuum's bag or canister is full, empty the contents of the bag or canister along with the powder. Vacuum up more Fresh Scents powder when the canister is empty or the new bag is installed.


Either method works well for most vacuum cleaners.

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