How to Build a Small Waterfall Using a Waterfall Box

Water features attract wildlife and introduce tranquillity into the landscape. Adding a waterfall to an existing pond is a natural way to enhance a water feature and can contribute to pond vitality. Anyone can create a waterfall using a waterfall box, also known as a weir. A waterfall box is a plastic box with one low side. A pump moves water from the pond into the weir. Once the weir is full, a sheet-like waterfall cascades back into the pond. This box is an ideal way to create a natural waterfall blanket without significant expense or expertise.

Place the waterfall box next to the pond where you will create the waterfall. Arrange the box so the lower lip faces the pond. The lip should come slightly over the edge of the pond.

Pack dirt under the lower side of the box if it is not level. Once the box is level and in the proper place, fill the box to the rim with water. The water should overflow through the lip of the box into the pond. Adjust box as needed to ensure that water flows back into the pond.

Place the pump in a bucket full of water. Plug the pump in to make sure it is working properly. Unplug the pump, after testing.

Install the pond pump into the pond. Place the pump in an area of the pond with easy access. Attach the rubber tubing over the spouting end of the pond pump. Run the tubing out of the pond and into the waterfall box.

Connect the pump to a grounded electrical source. Allow the waterfall box to fill up with water. Once the box is full, the water will overflow into the pond, creating a sheet effect with the water.

Dig a small trench under the cord that leads to the electrical source. Place the cord inside the trench and cover it with dirt. This hides the cord and prevents it from getting in the way.

Place large rocks around the edge of the waterfall box to conceal it. Stack the rocks up to create a natural waterfall effect. Plant floating-water plants in the waterfall box. This adds colour to the waterfall and further enhances the natural effect.


Use a solar pond pump instead of using an electric source to save energy. Raise the waterfall box above ground level to create a longer waterfall. Make tiers of waterfall boxes for a layering waterfall.


Use outdoor extension cords and grounded outlets for all electrically powered water features.

Things You'll Need

  • Level
  • Pond pump
  • Bucket full of water
  • Rubber tubing (that will fit on end of pump)
  • Electrical source
  • Small gardening shovel
  • Large rocks
  • Floating water plants
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