My Bosch Nexxt Washer Won't Drain

Updated November 21, 2016

Bosch Nexxt washing machines offer many features, such as several wash cycles; 1,200-rpm maximum spin speed; a stain-removal option; a sanitary wash option; special wash cycles for baby clothes, sports items and dark colours; and an allergy rinse to remove potential traces of allergens, among others. However, if your Nexxt washer does not drain, you may not find the other options to be very useful. Troubleshoot this issue to see if you can determine a relatively simple cause for the problem and possibly find a solution prior to contacting Bosch for professional service.

Check the drain hose, which is usually located behind the Bosch Nexxt washer, and clean it to remove any obstructions.

Straighten the drain hose if it's bent or twisted.

Restart the washer if the unit stopped midcycle. Select a new drain/spin cycle and press "Start" to remove the excess water from inside the washing machine.

Use less detergent, and only use high-efficiency detergent, marked "HE," to keep the washing machine from over-sudsing.

Make sure the washing machine is loaded with both large and small items to help prevent tangling, which can stop or hinder the drain and spin cycles.

Contact Bosch for additional assistance if the methods described here do not fix the problem.

Things You'll Need

  • Clean cloth(s)
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