How to Remove a John Deere 2040 PTO Shaft

Updated July 20, 2017

The John Deere 2040 tractor was built from 1974 to 1982 in Germany. It was and still is a popular tractor with many farmers. The Power Take-Off (PTO) unit is a transfer shaft that diverts power from the engine of the tractor to attached devices. The PTO shaft can be damaged by misuse, stripped or misaligned gears or by sheering during use. It must be changed at this point because little can be done to repair a damaged shaft.

Purchase and locate all necessary replacement parts. Put on protective eye goggles and gloves. Set up a box or protected surface big enough for all parts, those for replacement and those removed from the tractor. Turn off the tractor and disconnect battery cables.

Use appropriate wrenches to remove the PTO cover. Place bolts and cover on a surface as the first parts are removed. Note the location and placement of the gasket on the cover. Remove the shaft from the bearings and gear box noting the condition of the key in the shaft. (Some do not have a key depending on the model. Those need to be oriented exactly the same in relation to the gear box.) Take out the O-ring, washer, parts and bearing. Inspect all for wear and note worn spots.

Replace the O-ring, washer, parts and bearing. When installing the new parts or reinstalling the old parts, be sure to clean surfaces and free up movement when necessary. Take the new shaft into the gear box and confirm proper fit and movement. Coat the cover gasket with proper gasket cement and lay it on the cover. Bolt cover into place and torque to 36.3 Kilogram.

Confirm that all bolts are tightened down. Ensure all shields, covers and safety devices are in place. Reconnect battery cables. Turn on the tractor and then confirm the PTO is working properly and there are no leaks. Attach a small device to the PTO and confirm proper operation with no leaks.


Always use proper safety precautions. Be sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions in manuals to maintain warranties and extend the life of the equipment.

Things You'll Need

  • Protective eye goggles
  • Protective gloves
  • Illustrated parts breakdown of John Deere 2040
  • Service manual for John Deere 2040
  • Wrenches
  • PTO shaft
  • PTO O-ring
  • PTO washer
  • PTO parts
  • PTO bearing
  • PTO cover gasket
  • Gasket cement
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