How to Connect an Electric Motor Into a Remote Control Circuit

Written by stephen benham | 13/05/2017
How to Connect an Electric Motor Into a Remote Control Circuit
Simply connect three wires to the speed controller and your RC motor's set-up. (rc-modellauto image by andreas from

Connecting your electric motor into the remote control (RC) circuit is probably the easiest part of the task for wiring your RC model. The electric motor has three colour-coded wires extending from it and each wire has a small plastic plug on the end. The wires from the electric motor all connect directly into a speed control unit which links all the component parts such as the battery and RC controller and completes the electrical circuit.

Find the red, black and yellow wires that extend from the electric motor. The colour coding is fairly standard for RC motors.

Find the three sockets on the speed controller that's close to the electric motor. The speed controller has other wired connections that link to the RC model's battery. The three sockets are colour coded the same as the wires from the electric motor.

Insert the plug on the end of the red wire into the red labelled socket. Insert the black plug on the end of the black wire into the black labelled socket and insert the remaining plug into the yellow labelled socket. All the plugs clip into place, but just to check, tug very gently on each plug to ensure a secure connection.

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