How to Make a PVC Human Skeleton

Updated February 21, 2017

When you think of Halloween, human skeletons are one of the first things you think about. Having a skeleton hanging or sitting in the yard can set off a Halloween display. A PVC human skeleton is an inexpensive way to create a memorable and reusable Halloween decoration. PVC skeletons are easy to put together the whole family can contribute to the project.

Outline your hands and feet on the side of the milk jugs with a marker. The wrists and heels need to be at the top of the jug where the lid attaches. One gallon milk jugs work great because of the width of the jug and the threaded top screws into the threaded ends of the PVC pipe. Use the craft knife to cut out the hands and feet.

Turn the laundry or bleach jug upside down and draw the eyes just above the handle. Draw a nose on the handle of the jug. The eyes and nose can be coloured black with a marker or cut out with a craft knife.

Put together the torso. Place one 3-inch pipe into a port on a four-way connector and put another four-way connector on the other end. Fill all the ports of the second four-way connector with 3-inch pipes and place a four-way connector on the bottom pipe. You now have three four-way connectors in a row. Fill the open ports on the four-way with 3-inch pipes and add another four-way at the bottom. Repeat this again to create a third set of 3-inch pipes. Slide the middle port of the "T" connector on the bottom pipe. The "T" connector is placed directly below the four-way pipes. Put a plug in each open 3-inch pipe. Use 5-inch pipes in each open port of the "T" connector for the hips. Put elbow connectors on the ends of the hips to attach the legs.

Insert the 7- inch pipes into the open ports of the four way connector at the top to create the shoulders and neck. Slide a female threaded adaptor onto the top of the 7-inch pipe used for the neck. The threaded end faces upward. Put elbow connectors on the end of the shoulder pipes and point the connectors downward.

Insert a 12-inch pipe into each of the elbow connectors used on the shoulders and add elbow connectors to the end of the PVC pipe. Put 10-inch PVC pipes into the elbows and add the slip style to threaded connectors to create wrists. Insert two 18-inch pipes into the connectors on the hips and make the knees with elbow connectors. Slide the other 18-inch pipes into the knee connectors and place slip style to threaded elbows on the ends for ankles.

Screw the head, hands and feet onto the skeleton and wrap the wrists, ankles and neck with duct tape.

Things You'll Need

  • Milk Jug, 4
  • Laundry or bleach jug, 1
  • Marker
  • Craft knife
  • PVC pipe, ¾-inch diameter, 3-inches long, 10
  • PVC slip-style 4-way cross, ¾-inch diameter, 4
  • PVC pipe, ¾-inch diameter, 7-inches long, 3
  • PVC plugs, ¾-inch diameter, 4
  • PVC "T" Connector, ¾- inch diameter
  • PVC pipe, ¾-inch diameter, 5-inches long, 2
  • PVC female adaptor slip-style to threaded, ¾-inch diameter
  • PVC elbow connector, ¾-inch diameter, 8
  • PVC pipe, ¾-inch diameter, 12-inches long, 2
  • PVC pipe, ¾-inch diameter, 10-inches long, 2
  • PVC slip-style to FPT threaded elbow connector, ¾-inch diameter, 4
  • PVC pipe, ¾-inch diameter, 18-inches long, 4
  • White duct tape
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