How Can I Clean Out My Dyson Cyclone Assembly?

Written by michelle varsallona | 13/05/2017

The Dyson cyclone vacuum does not require as much cleaning or have as much of a mess like a regular canister and filter vacuum. Filters on most canister and filter vacuums have a lot of dust and you can possibly damage it if you do not clean it correctly. The Dyson has a very small filter that be cleaned with ease in just a few steps.

Press the release button at the top of the vacuum and pull off the canister. Remove the lid and hold it over the dustbin to dump out the dust and dirt.

Lift the latch to the filter at the bottom of the vacuum where the canister is held. Remove the blue filter pad within. Rinse the filter pad in your kitchen sink and squeeze out the excess water. Allow the filter to air dry for 24 hours.

Place the filter back into the vacuum and re-cover it. Put the canister back in. The canister will "snap" into place; this is how you know it is locked.

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