How to Repair a Rip on a Sofa Arm

Updated February 21, 2017

Frequent use causes rips and separation of seams on the arm of a sofa. A small separation or tear can quickly become a bigger problem if left unattended. Fitted covers for the arms of sofas are effective for prevention of tearing, but they do little more than cover up a problem once it already exists. Improve the look of your sofa and prevent further damage by making a simple repair.

Inspect both sides of the tear or separated seam for fraying threads. Apply a bead of seam sealant to the edge of the fabric at the start of any fraying you see. Only apply sealant to the start of the fray.

Tuck the ripped edges under slightly to hide the fraying or old stitching.

Cut a length of heavy-duty thread that is six times the length of the tear with scissors. Thread the upholstery needle with the thread and knot one end.

Stick the upholstery needle under and up through the left side only. Pull back until the knot at the end of the thread catches under the fabric.

Poke the needle into the fabric on the right side of the tear, about 1/8 inch away from the tear, pulling the fabric toward the left to meet the other side of the tear.

Continue stitching back and forth from one side to the other and pulling the fabric together until the seam is closed. Knot the end of the thread and cut the excess length away.

Things You'll Need

  • Seam sealant
  • Heavy-duty thread
  • Scissors
  • Upholstery needle
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