Press N Chop Directions

Updated February 21, 2017

The Press N Chop is a kitchen gadget that you may have seen demonstrated and advertised on television commercials. The Press N Chop can be used to chop many types of foods, such as vegetables, fruits and nuts. You also can control how coarsely or finely you chop your foods with this tool. Using the Press N Chop is a simple procedure that you can complete much quicker than chopping foods with a knife by hand.

Twist the bottom portion of the Press N Chop in a counter clockwise direction to loosen and remove it. This portion serves as a cup for holding food as you chop it.

Place food that you want to chop inside the detachable cup.

Reattach the cup by twisting it back onto the Press N Chop.

Hold the body of the Press N Chop with one hand as you press the top of the tool down rapidly with the other hand. Press the top four to six times to chop larger pieces and eight to 10 times to chop smaller pieces.

Untwist the detachable cup and empty the cup into a bowl or dish for serving.


Some versions of the Press N Chop come with a grater blade that you can use for foods like cheeses and nuts. You simply unscrew the regular blade and screw on the grater blade before use.

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